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Do you want to explore investment opportunities and pioneer collaborations to build a net-zero Smart Society?

Today’s global climate, social and economic challenges need bold and progressive solutions. Sweden is taking decisive action and inviting the world to collaborate in the collective drive for change.

With an ambitious target to become the world’s first fossil fuel-free welfare state, reaching net zero emissions by 2045 at the latest, the Swedish government has set in motion a strategy to lead the global climate transition and digital transformation. This commitment is supporting and facilitating collaboration between Swedish industry and innovators and global changemakers to implement and scale-up future-defining solutions.

Sweden’s innovation focused, open-free trade economy and inclusive business climate is open for investment, collaborative partnerships, and sustainable growth.

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Why Sweden, why now?

Countries and companies all over the world are focusing their attention on the green and digital transition, all seeking international collaborations that can give them a competitive edge in the race towards smarter, sustainable, and socially responsive societies. So why Sweden, and why now?


Join Sweden is the forum we use to network, facilitate new partnerships, and showcase how global collaboration can co-create the smart and sustainable society of the future. The Join Sweden Summit brought global and Swedish stakeholders together to progress the agenda.

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Across seven key industry areas, Sweden can offer investment and growth opportunities that will give countries and companies a competitive edge in the green and digital transition.

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