The big challenge of this century will be to utilise data and digital technologies to improve the way we work and do business, plan and deliver healthcare and public services, and achieve business growth and sustainability goals.

Sweden is at the cutting edge of AI and edge learning that is transforming not only the way data is used, but how it is accessed, stored, and shared. While the big data challenge is complex and there are many barriers to overcome, world-leading companies, start-ups, academia, investors, and the public sector are coming together in Sweden to overcome them.

In this podcast, our guests discuss both the challenges and the solutions that are being tested in Sweden’s vibrant ecosystem, and how cross-sector model use is changing the way companies apply and understand data – all with the goal of benefitting society and individuals.

Host: Kristoffer Schjött-Quist

Guests: Alexander Morrone, Business Sweden and Ebba Josefson Lindqvist, The Data Factory at AI Sweden

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