The global race for green batteries is heating up – with the Nordic countries spearheading progress. As Europe’s first homegrown gigafactory Northvolt Ett scales up capacity in northern Sweden, the Nordics are pooling resources, skills and know-how across the region to create a sustainable battery value chain.  

But can they move fast enough to meet exploding demand? How are the Nordics closing the battery circularity gap? And what are the impacts of the EU’s new Battery Regulation which comes into force this spring?  

Join us for the inside perspectives in this episode of Business Sweden News. Our guests in the studio:  

  • Julia Altenhofer, Director EU Public Policy, Northvolt  
  • Ilka von Dalwigk, Policy Manager, InnoEnergy   
  • Yu Jin, Supply Chain Manager, Kedali Sweden   
  • Jessica Olsson, Head of Energy & Transport Europe, Business Sweden 

Host: Sarah Coats Chandler, Business Sweden